For Stewart

I try watching my thoughts;

There are those that say it helps –

But memories,

Like eager, bright eyed squirrels

That leap, in happy dreams

(Where time has no relevance),

From who-knows-where

Into sharp focus, before

Gracefully acrobatting their way

Into history’s here-again undergrowth:

Familiar because you’ve seen them before, because

You were there, together, when it happened –

Before the echoes began … and they’re friendly.

But this year, as the season’s bronze and orange net

Drops across the early-darkened fields,

The fire may be a little cooler,

There will be a big space:

In the crowd, in conversations, in traditions:

A hole in the skies shaped like the

Modest, gentle, dependable rock

That will be missing –

And missed –

From this day forward.

7 thoughts on “For Stewart

  1. Wow, what a profound poem this is Andy. I can see a poetry / English Lit class analyzing this for years to come.

    • beeseeker says:

      A very good friend died while buying fireworks for our annual bonfire U.K Nov 5th tradition). This came out as a tribute. The best I could manage any road up. Thanks for the feedback, it has me quietly smiling here … Never a bad thing.

  2. My brothers name is Stewart (Stuart). I read this and was able to place him righ there….it has been years and years since I’ve seen him…this poem made realized how much he and our times, I miss. Thank you…

    • beeseeker says:

      Hi Heather – and thanks for the feedback. I am pleased that my poem rang bells for you (an English saying perhaps?). Emotion speaks to emotion I guess.
      Don’t want to play the “preacher card” (but will do anyway):
      is it too late to get in touch with him/
      (maybe send him the poem?)

  3. This is so tender. I’m sorry for your loss.

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