Happy New Year

Mendip, ancient altar, sarsen,

Menhir, dolmen, rollright block,

Megalith, peppercorn:

Prehistoric observatory gears,

Gigantic, juxtaposed geometries,

Eccentric, concentric geologies

These sites, these stones hold, grip and squeeze

The past through the present into the future

With calendar, abstract theory and frustrations,

Calculated avenue extrapolation and druid-ring order,

Leading ritual feet and brain; liberating thinking.

Co-efficient, constellation-myth convergences,

Coincident co-ordinates: histories and mysteries,

Engineered troll-planes and fairy angles,

Obfuscation’s puzzles and care-filled clarifications.

But – hold hard:

Look at the small detail

To balance the universal.

Consider closely

The times,

The spaces,

Between the monument rocks.

The dimensions are constant

But the views –

And our perceptions –

Will constantly change

And be altered.



A big thanks to all who have visited, commented and, in any way supported my blogging over he past year.

I wish you all whatever you would wish for yourselves in the nearly-here Year of the Sheep.

One thought on “Happy New Year

  1. Eddy Winko says:

    And what a fantastic verse to end the year on, brilliant. Happy New Sheep!

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