So We Came …

Image result for walsall fans JPT final

So, after the million-and-more

Worthless words, we came;

The faithful and the free

To be weighed on

The Scales of Reputations,

Under the Pointless Arch

And the anonymous gaze of

Distant strangers. Came

To the northernmost fringes

Of the City of False Wisdoms,

For the trials, and

After the assembling, the

Crowded, stalling, winding journey

The excesses:

Of colour and clamour,

Of favours and flavours,

Poise and pose,

The raising of voices,

Candles and sacrifices

Of fish and fruit;

The exchange of coins

For tokens,


Sitting …

To be finally judged:

Noble, inspirational

But wanting.


5 thoughts on “So We Came …

  1. This is just like a college football game here in America. Oh how it brings me back to the crazy days in the stadium.

    • beeseeker says:

      I really appreciate the understanding in your comment. for my sins I support a money-poor local (English soccer) team in League One (a low status national league). We battled our way through to the final of the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy at Wembley Stadium (!!!).
      This is about the impressions of that day.
      I have another blog
      about this part of my life … if you are interested (but it is a quite different kind of blog, so beware!)

  2. beeseeker says:

    Reblogged this on Trials and Trails: life and times of a Walsall fan and commented:

    Beyond and outside the usually literal reporting/commentary of games that usually appear here, this is something a little more poetic.

  3. Geo Sans says:

    hoping for miracles
    we create spectacles

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