Another New …

Little-bird silhouette

Throws big-heart

Song of summon-moonrise

Out from laburnum tops.

Big wagon;

Lonely-blue, lost and

Delivery late

Shifting gear.

Siren-street wail,

Losin’ ground in a


Goose-is-wild career.

Another new


is riding a classic,


Outlaw-bred hog

Towards my dark-garden

Hope’s shadow-beacon



And mind-numbingly circuitous;

This trip-wire, trap-doored, prat-fall

Journey from the flea-pit deeps,

Where the cold dry winds blow.

Every delaying hold up is

Another new, last-legs rotunda circus,

Tattered-flag finery and faded big-top

Under which failing, falling, flailing clowns

Try vainly to disguise the unholy, unnatural stink

Of humiliated animals, onlookers and voyagers.

Beasts all; we queue, hoping for so much

On days like these, fearful of

Missing, of falling faster behind,

Missing that one important sign

That will send us to glory.

Window in a Storm

Image result for raindrops on windows

Like the drowning ghosts of

Altar candle flames, buds of rain

Seek, so desperate hard, to defy



Unseen cheeks and faces

Pressed against unforgiving,

Merciless pane;

Imagined mouths voicing

Silent screams as

Slip becomes recognition

Of ending:

The thunder that can never be heard,

The deeps that will not be denied

Are claiming their once-bright souls.