At Beginnings or Endings

Surprised …

To be –

Still –

So near the

High level bridge:

Cars thumping

On their

Temporary routes

Between one shock

And the next.

The mud margins of an estuary;

The river runs out here

Or the sea is born;

You have to decide for me

Because we both know (don’t we?)

That I have never been good

At beginnings or endings.

Come to think of it

Only one of us ever believed

I managed even the bits in between

At all well.

2 thoughts on “At Beginnings or Endings

  1. Eddy Winko says:

    Made my laugh, not sure if it should have?

    • beeseeker says:

      No worries, this was inspired by the wonderful time-out/holiday we just had in North Devon. Our rental house was underneath a new modern bridge and traffic over it made such a noise!
      Of course it was on an estuary so the beginnings and endings bit (or vice versa) was the next step … the “bits in between” floated in almost without my noticing, but adds something a little cheeky.
      Laughter is always good wherever it comes from.

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