There’s The Future?


There’s the future:

Take a good long look.

It’s right there before you

Suspended in green, safe ice

While you’re running away,

Tumbling across

Borders of flags,

Trading words for waves,

Three squares

And the promise of fair winds.

A gun is always a gun

But a song can be more powerful.

Letters? Ignored!

Unable to afford an invitation

the creature shuffles along corridors

Between the comfortable party lounges,

Lizard-eyes unblinking,

Pausing to listen, uncomprehending,

At this, or that door.

Sometimes I am that

Confused, innocent monster;

Other times I wear incubator deceit,

A happy mask, accelerator shoes

And Crazy-laugh, dance and fall

Over my fellow maniacs

In the Babel-paranoia chambers:

Trees will be clouds

When clouds can be trees.

A Matter of Life and Death?

It may not be obvious

From the scene presented;

In which we stand

Shoulder to shoulder

In the dragon crowds,

But we are, normally,

Of different flags.

But make no mistake;

This night his strikes

Will be my strikes

And my shield will be his.

Spirits are high,

Pulses ramped

And we expect

Our red-men champions

To bring the whip,

The hammer

And swords of

Justice thunder

To your Iron Tower,

Your channel shore

Of golden sun and

Riderless horses!


Yourself To Blame … I

All those

Years of squares

That told us which way to go,

How to get there …


The triangle


“Slow down:

You’re going too fast.”

The circles adding:

“Well, you’ve only got

Yourself to blame;

We did

Try to warn you!”


And the lines

Between poles

Seeming to smile down

On it all.