On Your Side

What should we call it:

This happy, unpredictable juxtaposition of

Time, emotion and place?

Where here is elsewhere,

Distance is merely a word

Dismissed with a hot-winged wish

And a journey on malachite-magic carpet.

Where smiles make sweetest tides of music,

Begin faithful friendships.

Image result for ecstasy emotion

“Is it so very far away?”

You might think to ask,

Eyes wide; desperate to believe,

Yet unwilling to trust.

The answer is both

Yes and no; in truth

As far from your chosen reality

As lightning is from thunder.

If you wish to make the leap,

Look for me, I’ll wait a while

When sugar’d stars bleed,

On your side of the

Mist-legged bridge.

But don’t wait too long;

Impatience nudges my elbow already.


5 thoughts on “On Your Side

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Beautiful poem my dear, for sure patience has limit to everyone, if we want something we should go for it.

  2. I’m hoping Don is waiting for me…but this October it will be 6 years. Does anyone, even a soul, wait that long?

  3. Just Me says:

    “Dismissed with a hot-winged wish” Such a beautiful comment on the way we get caught up in our society of consumerism. This artful piece was a reminder to stop, commune with nature and beauty, and just be present and quiet in our souls. Thank you for sharing. This made my week.

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