A Different Reason

In a crowd,

But so, so alone

On bright waters,

I look again at

The familiar face of

The weather-green lady;

Sensing a different reason

For the present, a

Deeper motive,

The presence of

An old enemy.

The Spirit of Melinda

Alone in a boisterous crowd;

A mob expecting spectacle:

Thunder, fury, blood,

Maybe more ….

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Number Eleven

Sat in a box today –

For the first time ever –

Something I had truly believed

Beyond me …

Or below me;

I am not sure which.

Funny how

Number eleven

And a name from the past

Can bring

You down …

And up short!


Sat in a box today:

Alone, but

Surrounded by friends.

We won –

We do these days –

An exciting habit:

But maybe

I lost myself

And found a bigger picture;

That leaves me so confused.

Now that I have stumbled upon

A truth, is it right

To go on

Playing the fool?