101, Not Out! Really?

Driving to work one on a day I chose a talk radio station instead of CD I remember part of a discussion about how to stay healthy:

“… balance in what you eat is important, exercise is vital (those who make no time for exercise, a note posted on my gym wall said, must make time in later life for illness) and it is important to try something on a regular basis that scares you” … it raises the heart rate (apparently) and this is a healthy thing to do (again apparently).

It is one of the reasons I started to blog, that and, some conviction that others (that’ll be you, reading this by the way) might show some interest in what I write …

… and then suddenly, before I was aware that such a time had passed, or that my fumbling fingers had bashed (my technique is in no way brilliant, as my spelling mistakes and occassional lack of spaceing will tell you)so many keys and buttons ….

… there’s a side bar thingummybob that just blinked at me, telling me that was my hundred and first post.

I am amazed! Quietly amazed.

I did not realise; I tend to ignore the button thing that comes on – until, of course, I don’t ignore it (like just).

But I don’t count, just, so far have enjoyed the challenge … and the feedback and contacts I have been making. I was wary of what I call the

Planet Blog, but am beginning to enjoy the aspects of it that are enjoyable. I have discovered, or been introduced to some fine writings and writers, characters

and talent; been stirred, humbled and inspired, been given new thoughts and reminded of things I was forgetting: this world is enjoyable.

I still find it genuinely frightening to launch my words and some of my innermost thinking out on the sea of the ether with no idea of the many places they might sail, what response they may generate, what interest they might meet. I For me this is part o f the thrill. If little seems to be happening, I tell myself, it i sbecause the words are still sialing, people are still pondering how to react, whether to react – and so I am not discouraged.

I make another entry, believing continuity to be important.

Thanks to all who have been part of this “journey” so far, let’s see what happens next eh?

On my way toget some exercise now.

28th September, 2012