Let’s Not Forget …

“I believe,” she whispered –

Turning, smiling, naked as love

And saints-be-tempted desirable –

“That we are all free to believe

What we want to believe,”

The words of an earlier wiser fool.

Her voice is filled with

November-smoke warmth,

Saved-summer-honey sweetness.

“But we both know, don’t we,

That when the delight-filled education-explorations

Of seduction-seduction seductions

Have passed;

When consummation’s  firework-glorious games

Are familiar as history,

That the road between winters

Will still be there – beyond the curtains and doors

We thought were finally closed –

Waiting patiently for us … so,

Just sayin’, let’s not forget

Where we left our boots eh?”


Walking Steadily Away …


That coming-in tide –

Be it blood, memory or saltwater –

Cannot always be friendly:

It knows nothing, after all,

Of shape, history or consequence.

We all know what we believe

To be true by the things

We decide not to let in… Continue reading