Yourself To Blame … I

All those

Years of squares

That told us which way to go,

How to get there …


The triangle


“Slow down:

You’re going too fast.”

The circles adding:

“Well, you’ve only got

Yourself to blame;

We did

Try to warn you!”


And the lines

Between poles

Seeming to smile down

On it all.

Before the Rain …

This is the rain

That isn’t really rain –

That comes before the rain

That will be –

But why the fuss?

Didn’t we always know the

Summer wouldn’t last forever?

If it wasn’t what you wanted

Surely there’s only your self

To blame for that?

December’s insanities,

Brewing in the still room

Begin to giggle, little

Secret red bubbles;

The dark that isn’t real darkness,

That comes before

The dark that is:

What’s next?


You have to ask?

Surely that’s the question

Best left to answer itself?