The News You Have

However important you may believe

It to be;

I really don’t want

The news you have.

But, only too sadly

Your whole body,


Broadcast it:

You have burned

The bridges we knew;

Say to Hell with it and

Two fingers to those

Who don’t agree.

Is it O.K.

My long-time friend,

If I worry –

Just a little –

For you?

As Tides Always Will

Those years ago,

Our first encounter,

I had only sounds …

Sounds and the pictures

Behind my eyes.

Now tunes return, as

Tides always will

And now I am able to

View the world-as-was.

I cannot help but smile

– So rainbow wide –

At the waters deep,

The bridges long

And all of those

Glorious adventures

In smoke.

To Union

Long is long,

Straight is straight,

‘N’ this ain’t over yet.


Bitter blues,

Frozen-mist locks,

Apathy shocks;

Which way to

The junction?


Long is lonely,

Straight is strange

‘N’ this ain’t over yet.


Smoking bridges,

Missed chords,

Lost keys:

On the way to union.