Honeybees and Honours.

This is taken directly from a BBC news item on the internet. I am posting it here because I was really priviledged enought o work for/with Geoff in education. He gave me opportunities and had,when we worked together

(he was clearly the superior, but never made it feel anything other than working “with” him, not for him) a superbly friendly, intelligent, articulate and impish sense of worth,

always considered theneeds of teachers and children – something that is increasingly lacking at present.

He truly deserves this honour and I wish him well.

“A veteran beekeeper is among those from Staffordshire named in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list.

Geoffrey Hopkinson, 84, from Walton-on-the-Hill, will receive the British Empire Medal (BEM) for services to beekeeping and environmental education.

Mr Hopkinson said he was delighted for himself, his family and his friends.

Mr Hopkinson took up beekeeping regularly despite a rough first experience when he was stung dozens of times as his cousin was moving bees in 1948.

‘Folk hero’   He said: “I got 60-odd stings… My mother didn’t recognise me when I came through the door. I went to bed, slept for 24 hours and then I got up the next day – beekeeping was for me.

” I was actually a bit of a folk hero because word got around that ‘Geoff Hopkinson nearly got killed yesterday’.

“I thought ‘the bees are not going to beat me’.”

Mr Hopkinson added that as a beekeeper “you meet a lot of interesting people here and abroad”.

He said: “You have your disappointments, you have your thrills, you have your successes, you get your first prize at the honey shows.”

Now the quandary: I was talking with some other local beekeepers a couple of weekends ago (honeybees and other wild bees here are suffering and numbers dropping)

and mentioned Geoff, who is still very active.

Should I get in touch with him?

A congratulations card would be good I think.