Humble Bumble Queen

Bombus distinguendus (Great Yellow Bumblebee)

Greeted by the

Humble Bumble Queen today

On my way to the Bronze-Rush Pool.

Long-sleep dizzied was she

But bombarded me with questions; Continue reading

The Bumble and The Orange



Here I sit in the rocking, merry orange

Shine-centre web of Sol’s burning disc.

Swallowing sweetnesses of intoxicating

Saps and sugars. From where I settle,

Sway, twitch and honey dance

Ragged tiger mask rays illuminate and

Connect the universe’s big light-blind spaces;

The spectra and trajectoried spears of

The spiralling spheres sing senza sound and

Circus semaphore signals and apricot

Flag-ripples spread and melt so jam softly’

As secure and familiar as friendship’s shields.

Everything that was is here – with me –

For I am never alone;

Everything that is and will ever be –

The least and the largest –

Begins here, leaves to return

Again and again…

Here I sit in the rocking merry orange

Shine-centre web of Sol’s burning disc.