I Dare You …

Come, pick up your step,

March alongside o’ me – I dare you.

I’m heading across Troll Meadows,

Through the high, Lonely-Lady’s Pass

Planning to follow the Otter-Laugh Rivers

To swim with new-born whales

And hear their mothers sing

In the Waters Where Worlds Collide.

Image result for whale calf



Into Paradise.

That compulsive ostinato challenge

Beneath steady tide-cadenced

Heart-rhythm heat-beat, heat-beat.

The little rising thrill,

Trill-gathering power,

Flinging itself with and against

The flood wave’s hunger.


Then again;

Suddenly released;

No longer in opposition

They soar, soar

As they were always meant to –

As one.

Beyond meaning

Into paradise flames.

A big well-done to anybody who “had a go” at this poem a day stunt.
take a breath or two …
but keep writing!



Challenge and Change

Rigid-backed, a pair of

Witch-eyed ravens view

Both the past and future

From the lizard-toed tops

Of a spring-resurrected elm.

But only I am aware of

the friends-of-ghost shapes

That fidget, hover and shift

In the churchyard mists.

There is challenge

And change

To come:

There will be a

No-more time

Soon enough

And a nowhere place.

But there is still time to

Swing on the fairyland moon

And paddle in malachite tides

If we are but bold enough.

What say you …


No Challenge.


So far away,

Yet close enough,

Those northern mountains

Of the young-spring moon

Hide us well –

My wolf brother and I .

Sixteen horses?

So few?

Five times that

Would be no challenge.

Hear our voices,

Between the

Wind and thunder,

In the bear-claw nighthours.

I was here:

Know my name