Two Hundred Plus … Don’t Let me Be Cold

How many words can there be to say?
How many kind thoughts come back this way?
Who would have thought we could stay the course
Like a mile after day rock-rock-rockin’ horse.
Like favourite band on full flow free power flight
What levels of muse delight!
Two hundred posts
Reflections of friends ‘n’ ghosts.
Where do we go?
Who’s to say, guess or know?
It’s time to open the mind,
Love to the blind
Open the heart,
Art for art
Glad to be here,
Excitement, passion and fear
Just don’t let me be cold
Even if the pavements be not gold

“Lonely am I …”

“Lonely am I …”

Sobbed the wolf,

“This cold is persistent;

Bites like a legend!”


“I am bigger

Than mere winter,”

Riverstone moon replies.

“We both understand

Loneliness is a choice

We make for ourselves,

Because we relish

The torment.”