The Roles

Doubtless Destiny’s ether-gears are turning,

Blocks sliding, rearranging themselves into new shapes,

Aligning in different planes; invisible wheels

Inexorably rolling, skies stretching and burning.

Cradles have swung, shrunk, disappeared:

For I’m comfortable sitting in seats now

That I once could never have reached …

Around tables where I was the very active opposite of welcomed;

Feeling awkward, contrary-wise, where I was once at home

Yet relaxed in territories where I regularly trespassed and poached.

I have half-glimpsed many different faces

(Glimpsing me back I would have to guess)

In midnight-smoothed waters, and I force a smile

As I begin to realise I may yet be willingly playing –

And sooner than I know it –

The roles I once set my heart and face against.

Without Us

You don’t understand me, perhaps …

But you certainly don’t like me;

Because I’m mine and

Comfortable with the fact.

I recognise your token sympathy

For the false pity that it is.

But hold: there’s something

Far bigger happening.

We should spit on our palms,

Make some kind of a deal,

So step aside, hold out your hand

Or go for cover, because it

Can happen without us.