The Original Search Engine?


Something magical about the air in Upper Austria. Altitude? For sure, but also freshness and sparkling light. Amazing skies throughout the livelong days. Sunrise with pinks, lilacs, golds and pale blues hovering over the mountains and forested hills.

Making walking the wanderweg (paths) a treat. Not anywhere near cold, but crisp, clean and invigorating. Not the steep challenge of more serious Austrian Tyrol/Wildekaiser landscapes but gentle, wide walkways, sometimes beside rarely used roads, sometimes alongside quiet, therapeutic streams, the borders of newly turned farmland or through friendly forests. Oh and no snow yet, just end of season glorious warmth, meaning a T-shirt was enough once I had warmed up.

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I have to think,

Whenever I speak to you

These days,

That you are

Not as fast now

As I remember

You were …”

The goldfish is in


Big rains came down,

Heavier than the

World had known.

“I need to remind you,”

The walnut replied,

“Your memory

Is not as sharp now

As it used to be …”

Strong winds impatiently

Re shaped the land.

“Sorry,” the goldfish frowned,

“What were we talking

About just then?”