For Now … (NaPoWriMo: day 14)

For now,

I’m warm enough:

Can’t sleep,

A little disturbed.

Beyond a simple wall

Territory is being

Lost by some,

Won by others;

Lives changed –

One way or the other.

I see it from a distance,

Through a soundproof window.

None of that affects me.

Well, not yet …

For now

I’m warm enough.

Just can’t sleep.

It’ll pass.

It’ll all pass.



Just a few words: of encouragement, inspiration, sheer bloody-mindedness perhaps (you decide eh?)

For all of my fellow writers taking part in this challenge: thanks for being there, you are awesome and doing well!

By the Harvesters.

Of course, it’s got to be

Better not to dwell on it;

But we’re all going

To lose it one day.

He shouldn’t know it,

This head-down young charger,

Won’t know it until it ambushes him,

But his day is today.

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Work-a-day sun high burnin’

Growin’ dull, respectful red and cider-cold;

Dawn’s melody slowly turnin’

Becoming familiar, restful, old.

Harvest hopes answered

Ripening to warm-honey gold:

English: The Ironbridge

Friends will always know each other –

If their stories be honestly told –

That  distance and language matter not

When time and hearts be weighed and sold.