Bored Room Meeting …

Asked the question, you

Screw up your red-cheeked face

In a chimpanzee

friendship-confirming grimace,

Wave a dying-fish gesture at

Paper-strewn tabletop,

Offer, limply:

“We’ll come to that point –

In a moment …”

Behind you, your colleague

Removes bent-framed glasses,

Wrestles with and

Finally opens an

Obstinate window.

Thank God!

I needed that distraction:

That distraction and

the air!

Even When …

The discontent
Of our winter
Slips away;
The spearshake distraction,
Out through the in door –
So swiftly we have to
Concentrate double-hard
To remember why it was –
Like money,
Even when you are careful;
Like love,
Even when you are committed.


Who Dares?

My Friday:

Your Wednesday;

But time is harsh,

Allows no detours.

In the window,

His blue shirt

Dotted with rain

Is a familiar man:

Is it someone I know,

Someone I have yet to meet?

I am distracted by

The victory songs

Of impossible imps:

Echoes of history’s

Moon drums and flash

Fingers of thunder.

The past has a future.

Who dares deny it?

Only the desperate and

The truly dangerous.


(Inspired by Who I Am: the autobiography of Pete Townsend, Diwali and the Walsall v Lincoln City F.A. Cup replay))