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The convinced, the ignorant,

The ill-informed;

Changers, chancers,

Rumour arrangers,

Doubters, floaters, shouters,

 The fearful,

The hopeful,

The cheerful.

The fools, the followers,

The fallers and the faithful.

Those looking for the door,

Those dropping anchors.

The swervers, switchers and

The circus roundabouters,

Big picture, long-runners,

The loyal and the lost.

Draw your breath,

Make the mark:

The future all begins

-Again –


Murder’s Professor

Fierce-proud crow-piper am I

On Prospero’s good-wind, miller days,

Born of winter raven-burn,

Murder’s elegant professor,

Confessor to fictions.

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Nail the mewling monster to the door

With red-hot iron dogs and

Be not gentle with the sledge

That drives them home

Through bone and sinew.

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The Two-Way Door

“Why must you always let the shiver-dark in?”

She asks, this breathless,

Green-eyed glimmer princess.

“You don’t have to open

The two way door every time the

Night-wolf within you stirs.

Look away from the sinister glass;

Close your ears to the

Blacksnake whispers,

Tarry no longer in the malicious 

Shadows of Envy Forest.”

She’ s right, she’s right

I accept the fact, but

Raven-feather thunder is

Marching closer, testing my feeble resolve.

And, though my romance fairy is far away

I’m hoping she feels me resisting;

Will dance words with me again

When storm and doubt have passed.