This poem, if poem it is came about as a result of an amazing self drive tour that started and ended in Denver, taking in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons and all places in between (Mount Rushmore and the stunning Crazy Horse monument for example)

But, somewhere on the way I became intrigued by comments heard in passing, turning some of them into the voices in the maybe-poem.

I then read a blog piece called “eavesdropping” and was inspired – or kicked up the undercarriage – enough to find it out.

My apologies, if necessary, if the quote was yours (I would be amazed that you could still remember it actually – it was during August, 2002!).

But I would be intrigued to know if you think it works … or if you have heard any good (but repeatable) eavesdropped quotes.

Hope you enjoy it:


“You can get two vipers

For one stingray …”

“Wedding was in Florida;

Mom arranged it that way

So her family wouldn’t make it …”



Conception to


“I just didn’t like the way

He kept twisting his neck

To try to bite my ankles …”

“One says two thousand,

The next says twenty –

Who can you trust?”

“I’ve got to tell you, Jason,

I’ve slept with

Some dogs, but …”


“Back to life,

Back to reality…”

“We’re not here today …”

The lady answering the ‘phone

Lied so sweetly,

And we shared a knowing smile –

Me, willing to overlook

Her temporary falsehood –

She, forgiving my eavesdropping.


I always push the doors

I need to pull

And close the windows

I ought to keep open.