Dragging grudge-fossil boned,

Battleship-anchor, chain-jointed carcass

In hopeless pursuit of sleep’s

Elusive dryad dancers;

Through the glades, along the rides

Of silent, silver-filtered, star-starved

Low Moon Forestlands.

Aching, desperate and needy

Stumbling, heavy-hearted, heavy-eyed;

Robbed of breath and energy,

Chasing mocking shadows-in-shadow.

I mean only to join, befriend,

Embrace the gentle faerie waltzers

Who skitter away, giggling at my plight,

Leaving only teasing waymark arrows that

Point to the trip-root, winding ways that

Lead to Fool-Takes-All, here-too-soon

Exhaustion’s Dawn.


Morning everyone …


A Cosmos Apart

Distant strangers, a cosmos apart,

We crazily crashed, fell and coupled like

Old earth’s young gods last night.

No need for secrets, false modesty or masks.

No need for mercy: asked or given.

We felt the colours released in

The depths of our innocent souls;

Tasted sweet explorations with

Glorious, long pent-up trust and abandon.

Carried each other on and on, then further,

Testing ourselves to the glamour’s-honey limits;

Pushing and pulling one another to stand,

Quivering at the edge of the rainbow abyss.

Then, with complete faith, held

Each other, body and eyes, trembling

Before the please-don’t-stop releases came,

And we slid -eternally joined – down the

Liquid-malachite-pleasure slopes of the

Paradise-peacock’s splendid eye-to-eye tail;

Between the stars and the furious silences:

The endorphin-loaded passages that stretch themselves

Across the boundaries between

Adrenaline and exhaustion,

Need and satisfaction.