Is It Possible ? NaPoWriMo day 23

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I want this to be a proper drama;

One of those delightful-in-the-end stories  …

That begins with a modest, under sung hero

Journeying , let’s say northwards.

It has to be against adversity

And to challenge overwhelming odds

And maybe not begin too well.

The dragon-foe is too cunning,

Uses artifice perhaps, or

The opposition tribe too powerful,

At least it appears the case …

But neither can best our hero

And his honest, hard won skills.

And we will stand straight, sit still,

We will shake our spears,

Proudly hold our red-cross shields

And fill the arena with noise and choruses

About gods saving queens …

If you can end it famously.

Is it possible bard?

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The Violet Distance

In the violet distance

Sand eats the sun again;

Soon cold-rock peace

Will settle horizon’s disputes.

Bad-company hero

Told me (years ago)

The sky is burnin’.

I believe – in this

Desert land of faiths –

I begin to understand.

A little bit of desolation

Is desirable on

Access Action Strasse … and

Some minutes with angels

Will weave silk

For the soul.



A Little Something …

With camera-for-eye

I seize a million moments

Of tidal dance –

That happen by rote;

Mere background for others:

A little something taken away,

A little something returned.


One of those that

Would have made music of this

Left earlier this week,

Sad news,not bad,

Part of a circle

I am reminded

Watching black-blink lizards

Walk the bones of past priest-wizards

In the temple of rocks.


Others,  heroes and opponents

Have gone this way,

As must we all

One day.


Is it a better place?

For the moment

I am happy not to know.

A little something taken  away,

A little something returned.