Abandoning …

Surrounded by the senior-sweet sound

Of memory’s belles, solitary man

Smiles, ankle-fogged, in the last-second avenue.

Miles have been travailed, promises kept.

Above him, reflected in truth-deep eyes

The traditional gunpowder trickery traces

Annual, flash- fast chemical lies

Across the change of year clouded skies.

He has walked with villains, heroes, ghosts

And the closest of friends; is here,

Momentarily abandoning habitual restlessness

To show proper respect, to honour the past.

For the future coming will test wits and will

But may also bring health and new adventure.

Hell To Pay


Did we really surrender

The rock, our roots,

The purple passions

That meant so much

Too soon?

Did we come down from the trees,

Leave the mesmeric cave paintings

To race into the ether future

Too quickly?

Did we  first desert,

Then crucify, those that

Had been our magnificent heroes:

The blacks, the blues, the pinks,

The mean and moody intransigents,

Those that were bitter and

Those that were mild

To comfortably readily?

Did we stop yelling questions, stop

Believing that we would live forever,

Lower the rebel colours,

The volume-threshold levels

Too rapidly?

Did we, worst of all:

Give up resistance,

Shape our lips, teeth and tongues

Around the well-paid gag-bit

Too comfortably hastily?

Did none of us,

Even for the tiniest

Fraction of a moment,

Realise there would be

Hell To Pay ?