There are Some Illusions …

Winter dark drops its
Sharp-sudden chill
Like a heavy, studded cape
Across field, path and copse.
Moonrise wind grips
Our bones with
White-wolf fangs.

Northern rain will mate
With less-than-zero air
This December night:
Snow’s gentle manacles
Are coming to restrain us all.

But I have seen
Faith, hope and trust
In the eyes
Of Christmas youngsters –
From behind the
Beard and fairy mask –
For the first time.

There are some illusions,
That we should not
Rush to destroy.


In the Eyes of Ghosts

…and, in minus-colour

Desert reaches of night,

 I have seen

The ever-bright

Lights of hope

That shine in the

Eyes of ghosts …

…and the glimmers

And dreams of

Angel queens, set to

Keep watch

Over us all.



Wadi Araba, Jordan