Two zero seven

Four four nine;

Looking back on my

Hum-drum, busy day:

The ignorances, the hard paths

I had to walk across the wastelands.

how foolish-easy I

Gave away my days,

My coin, my body.

But mouth-to-ear,

Evening is coming …

Pass it on, move along.

Two zero seven,

Four four nine:

Despite, because of it all

In The Small


With savage shell-bone pride

Members of the dragonfly tribe

Carry a beautiful storm miracle

Below their flexible armour cages;

And aerobat on flicker-shine wings

That flatten the earths corners,

Bend the skies straightways up,

Fasten the sun in time and place.

Recognise the magic, please,

In the small hum-drum things;

Catch some contentment from the

Small, pleasant pulses of joy.



Photo: courtesy of www.bendigocc.blogspot.com