Cake Crumbs and Scrumpy Jelly.

It’s happened again, goddamnit!

Gleeful and wilful

That infant-fingered,

Simple minded sunset-sun

Has smeared jam, cake crumbs and scrumpy jelly

Across the horizon shelf

And the ornaments there.

It’s not good enough just

To sit there grinning

Like an ape!

What will the neighbours think

If they see it? –

That’ll only encourage

Such wanton, undisciplined behaviour.

Two things have to happen now:

Firstly, somebody’s got to tidy it up !

Secondly, somebody’s going to have

To make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Don’t look at me …

I’m busy trying to find inspiration for a poem …


When It Isn’t Playing.

I suddenly realise that I

Need the lights on, the

Candle’s  insipid, greasy guttering

Is no longer sufficient.

Into the left,

Across to the right:

Who could have guessed it?

The juggler tastes his throwing apple;

Thunderbolt runs down kite-string,

Water no longer fits in the bath-tub,

Frustrated scientist goes gamma-green.

Maybe the best dancers

Don’t need the notes?

it’s about the white matter –

Less is more –

A disembodied voice informs me. –

Does she know I can hear

Music when it isn’t playing?