I began, nervously, blogging in the year that is now ending. 2012. London Olympics, Royal (GB) wedding, Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee, a year of record-rainfall in England. I knew my technological skills, determination and creativity were going to be challenged. Maybe I would need to duck out of it after a while; the ethernet waters too hot or too deep.
But I have receievd nothing but fabulous support – that’ll be from you. Really.
So …
A heart-felt thank you to my fellow travellers, companions, friendly shadows and sometime-partners who have visited, supported and kept me going in this difficult to define environment: the blogosphere.
Social networking has, without doubt, challenged the dictionary and concepts such as strangers; changing what is now meant by “friend” and I have glibly slipped into “meeting” people I have never, actually seen; that, frankly I have no idea about. I think I think I mean this in the nicest possible way … I am, after all, talking about the relationship between you and I here. I have entered spaces with inspirational writing, sometimes short and shocking, often deeply emotional, comments, commentary, discussion pieces, with images and stunning thoughts shared. I have started playing a (hopefully useful) part in something which may become known as conversation, polite and positive, criticism, thoughtful and supportive – maybe we need to coin new terms here (if so may I suggest “blonversation”* and “criti-blogging”*) … and I find myself drawn in and enjoying every moment of it.
But the truth remains we are mysteries to each other, albeit in a definitely friendly and encouraging way (I thank you for that): partners in a sense, sharing a journey to who-knows-where.
I wish you all a happy, peace-filled and adventurous (if that’s what you want – of course) new year… and I hope to “see” more of you in 2013.

*Hey, does anybody know how to patent new words ??