A Dark Grail

Playful, wilfully strong winds

That recently raked the long-dead, cold ash seas

Of January’s long-dark moon of passion

Snap open, draw out a banner I

Have only seen in dreamscapes:

A dark grail framed by shooting stars;

Now lift a jackdaw effortlessly

And fling it across the arcs

Of playground world and

New-opened, wide blue envelope.

There’s a harsh, savage-code joy scream

Torn from the bird’s bandit throat;

“You ain’t going to be born again,

Turn away from your second-chances illusion

And be all of the selves you need to be

Before your bright rainbow burns only

Slow, old gold-treasure memories.

Find the garden in the desert,

The music in the river,

The time beyond the clock.”


Jackdaw Days



Gigantic northern sky leans down

With full-silver wind-weighted clouds

On heather’d hilltop and fairy flag slopes.

Light is leaving, kidnapping colours;

Rain is coming to change the land:

Heaven and soul-sea’s ebb and flow.

If I’m not here when you awake,

Forgive me, I pray, for I’ve

Gone to have my jackdaw days.