The Status Quo ?

Marmalade-brandy sun

Casts a giant shadow

Across the frost-rocked skies,

Leaves faint gold fairy dust

On December-white grass.

We were guilty of happily

Crossing the blue sun roads,

In cord-bare shoes;

Meeting the electric moons

-the new and the changing –

With a jester’s courtesy

And a sparkle-eyed shake of the head.

Bleeding feet:

All the miles I did for you;

Every stage

You saw me through.

Nothin’ lasts

We’d both agree,

But wasn’t it fun

To run together?


Nike’s Angels.

Steel skeletons,

Scales of carbon grace

These day-bright dragons

Have geology’s patience

As they rest in squat-mode

They preen and purr at

One another, at shadow-clones.

Then, launched by a flash,

They growl orange and white,

Green and monster-black

By the first split-second corner.

In this fierce black-top fandango,

Sitting on the shoulders of every bend

Nike’s endorphin angels

Are urging you on.

Defiant speed and dare-jester balance

Are appropriate respect for tradition’s heroes

And the tomorrow-champions.