Is one of those rare
Hawk-holds-breath moments:
When the sky sits still
On the lies and ribs
Of the grey horizons;
Before wind stirs,
Before moon rises …
When, invisible and sublime
A minstrel bird in ancient tree
Gives the peace-to-all prayers
That day’s end deserves;
That invite us to take as much
As we need for hurting selves –
And a little bit extra
To spread around.


Along the Wall Today.

Along the wall today, innocents

Are suckling in warm indolence,

Happy birds singing their

Joys-to-be-alive songs:

Too-long-lonely cuckoo and

This century’s call and no-answer

Blackbird piper. With the long-storm

Passed, sundown sentry-calm

Is sinking in. At last,

It seems, the one-time

War-stones can bask

In peace.



Aerospace Museum

Time rests its

Camouflaged wings here:

History’s carefully machined

Leading edges, desperations

And siren devastations.

Power is spiral, so

Bound to swing both ways.

Powered down now:

Quiet demons:

Sources of fear,

Sources of hate,

Sources of pride-in-adversity

Suffer together –

Without skies.