From a distance

She was a

dancing girl

I met on a

Bus to Venice.

Finding much in common

And shelter in laughter

On the short journey

We were piazza

Supper partners that evening,

Witnessed the new

San Marco moon

Hand in hand…

Were gentle lovers

By sunrise.

Such memories disturbed

By mistaken identity

And longing.



So I am standing in Piazza San Marco – yeah that’s the one: Venice, Italy. Maybe you were there too? Maybe on the same day?

I am part of a group, we’re on a meeting, come tour, come educational partnership (rearrange those activities depending on the time of day and you’ll be close to the truth).

And, Angel, the man from Bulgaria, asks me to take his photo. he wants to stand, with some of the pigeons on his arm and hand and have his photo taken. Digital camera. I take his, he takes mine. OK, kind of a cliched tourist thing to do I know … but hey, the Venetians for some reason I still haven’t figured out had put hangings in the corner of the piazza with the Houses of Parliament Clock Tower (now to be known as the Elizabeth Tower) in full technicolour view. yeah the one in London.

“Angel…” I told him as we walked on, the place a circus of nationalities, tour parties, cruise ship refugees (“Which place is this honey? I’m sure that the clock in London hnh?”) waiters, performers setting up for the evening cabaret, locals who drift in on the marvellously punctual local train services just to sit by the canal, first-time lovers, souvenir vendors, school parties, honeymooners, backpackers and – who knows/ – visitors from another world?

“Angel, by eight o’clock this evening our photos will be all over the world!”

Because I had suddenly realised, There were others trapped in the images I took of him/he took of me and we would also be appearing in the background of so many other snaps – heading for … Japan, California, London, Cape Town, the infinite otherspace we call the internet.

I am writing this blog to share some of the excitement I feel about this world, the ups and downs and in betweens, the faces, the spaces and the thoughts …

… and to apologise to anyone who has me in the background of any photos; sorry I always look like this.

I would appreciate any comments or feedback on my work. It’s one of the reasons I’m here.

I hope you enjoy what is here and feel able to come back and visit now and then.

Maybe one day we will stand next to each other (the Great Wall of China,Everest base Camp, the Alamo, Bescot Stadium) each without knowing we shared something on Blogworld, then go our separate ways.

Here’s to those do not recognise in our photographs, thanks for being there.