Live-Again Hulks


Touching down on

Riveted ribs, sore knees and knuckles

(But decorated toes curled up

Inside thin iron-skin slippers,

For this heavy-gravity water

Is Hellfire-cold today).

Stealing volume,

Pumping it into framed dark spaces.

Borrowing colour, these live-again hulks

Balance patiently on

Their own reflections,

Their own potential.


Circus of Circles

Close to the ones

Who are no longer here.

Into the wind,

The fragile skies

On butterfly and

Trembling dragonwings:

An audience of

Glossed yellow petals

Hold their breaths.


Here, then, begins

Another bright-sun day,

A new beginning in the

Circus of circles.


Good morning to all

The people I have

Ever been –

Thank you for

Getting me here.



See you soon,

To all of those

I have yet to become.