These Grains

The future is a sand-box:

Clean, though it has been used before.

You’ve done fifty years of

Robot-sheep sleep

In the routine pipe-pipe-pipe.

Now pick up your spade:

Dig your holes, shape your hills,

Build the walls, the castles.

I am here, to nudge your elbow,

Gently remind you _

As I whispered in your predecessor’s ears –

Though you are all,

Ultimately, sensibly programmed to forget –

There are those that will use these grains

After you and your irrelevant efforts

Are gone … and they’ll never know that you were here!


The bad dreams will have you

If the best ones don’t.



Or The Other Way Instead…


This post was inspired incidentally and coincidentally while I was looking at the blogs that I follow (my Reader) and came across this post

I was listening to an interview with Mick Box (Uriah Heep) having been to see a Heep show a week or so ago and these words just dropped through my fingers onto the screen.

I give due credit to Oloriel and gently suggest that glancing at other blogs is either the way to madness, inspiration -or both.

This building is a railyard:

South-bound, the other way instead –

Or this journey is a building –

“Third floor: nails, kettles and tickets ..” Continue reading