Shake no Spears

I am Crow:

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Blood eater,



Shake no puny spears

In my direction, for

Your mountains of death

Are no barrier

To my progresses …

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We May Choose …

Come sit with me,


Among the lilac castles of

Nightland Skies.

We may choose to sing

The wordless choruses

Of vixen and candle hymns.

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A One Shoe Pony

Windswept, hungry, choked and blue,

Headin’ for home with a one-shoe pony –

Both of us more about shadow ‘n’ hope

Than muscle and soul –

Limping along the briar’d banks

Between ancient railway-becoming-fossil

And another sunset-mirror lake,

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Shadows and Motley

That miniscule, gem-precious moment,

When the present isn’t yet history,

When today is not quite yesterday

But not quite turned –

As it must – into tomorrow;

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