Distant Blows

Distant blows –

Source unknown –




Each replying to

Its own call;

Echo meeting shock.

Distant, rolling blows;

Definite, getting closer.

Survivors listen for the

Passing cracks,

Not knowing if

Construction is approaching

Or its alter ego: destruction

Is heading down the plot.

Unconcerned, the men

Digging trenches

Lean on shovels,

Knowing the soil

Will succour both …

And more.



Terrible sounds and memories from a

Long gone troubled English evening

Tumbling over and over, reach me:

Carried on a Patriot wind.

Charity and lavender dreams shattered,

Runner camaraderie staggered

– Hopefully only temporarily –

Here in the original Tea Party City

– Where a different way to

Make a point was born.

We, the naïve, the unsuspecting

May make such easy casual-slaughter victims;

But remember  your secret,

Dark-mask shadows

Are not welcome here …

The fact that you can

Gives you no rights.

Please let this finish line

Be the last.


Image: www.telegraph.co.uk