Humble Bumble Queen

Bombus distinguendus (Great Yellow Bumblebee)

Greeted by the

Humble Bumble Queen today

On my way to the Bronze-Rush Pool.

Long-sleep dizzied was she

But bombarded me with questions; Continue reading

Casually Tied

Unfamiliar Crow-Couple are

In the purple tipped birch

Cloud heights; challenging

The black and white order.

All singing ceases, Continue reading

Our Voices.

Gone, but not,

Like unforgiven sin,

Blood on tired wheels.

Gotta cut myself out

Of this too-tight skin.


Lose the shield,

Leave stagnant field;

Learn a different way

To play the world.


Singing at festivals –

Of fear, fire, phantoms

And failures –

Our voices shall be

Our swords.