Yourself To Blame … I

All those

Years of squares

That told us which way to go,

How to get there …


The triangle


“Slow down:

You’re going too fast.”

The circles adding:

“Well, you’ve only got

Yourself to blame;

We did

Try to warn you!”


And the lines

Between poles

Seeming to smile down

On it all.

Come and Gone


How silver-precious

Those friendship beats,

Come and gone like

The six-prompt watchman

Between the Black Church

And the White Tower

In this or that foreign city.

Smiles exchanged, words danced

On benches by big, capital-brown rivers;

Cruel fingers on the new-named clock tower

In whose history-shadows we lingered,

Measuring the so-long seconds

Between now and the

Wide-yawn platform stations

And handcuff clocks and tickets.

Until next time …