We Share …

We share a long road, a loud stage:

The snake, the soldier, the lord and I,

Learning from each other that bad,

In some circumstances,

Can be quite the opposite

But that wrong is always wrong.

We feel the earth move –

In  a good way –

Around us, feel the warmth,

The support

As well as the cold.

Earth Calling Gort …

It’s never the soldiering
That kills the soldier;
It’s the injustices that
Keep coming back
Because we are only
Casually vigilant.

It’s not the wars
That corrupt childhoods,
Feed sorrow’s pitiful scarecrows
With black rumour;
It’s the barenaked duplicity
Of politicians;
The crowing,
Rapacious greed that
They try, so poorly,
To hide.

photo sorces: top photo: Imperial War Museum, second photo: wikigender.org

Small Boys

There’s so much joy,

So much power and beauty,

In the faces of people

Singing together;

And in the big-small spaces

Between the notes.




But the cannons are

Facing east again

And, although we all

Stood side by quiet side

In the eleventh-hour silence,

Small boys will continue

To play soldier.


(Remembrance Day)