Some of The Ropes and Chains

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Every storm has a quiet cradle:

A cell in which I can sit with myself and my shadow;

Rain and wind are doubtless a-coming

But before the tempest noise stirs

We get to read between such lines as we can see.

I look through my own eyes – in these moments –

And into my own eyes, seeing beyond, behind.

We’ve started some big fires to get here,

Jumped into and over others, it’s true

And, after this latest hurricane has

Passed and done some damage

We’ll enjoy a summer garden again.

Yet I cannot escape the feeling that I’ve

Let go of some of the ropes and chains

That have anchored  me

To the valuable past.

And it frightens me.


Such A Storm … NaPoriMo, day 26.

Such a storm is brewing

That will shake the faith of priests,

Move mountains, leave

Devastation’s awe behind.

See the unholy bruise-glow pressure

Build over the Marches, the

Shark bellied cloud roil and

Press on new-leaved oaks.

Such a tempest will first be hot, dry,

Then by degree cold and soul-deep damp;

Whose winds will lift thatch, the wings of ravens

That perch on funeral long-ship sails.

There will be crackle-snake lightnings

That lick the belladonna crevasses of nimbus,

Bend the prayers of fearful mortals and

resound  down the throats of

All the Hells that have ever been.

Such gales that will shift landmarks, so that

New dawn locals stupefied and stunned by the clamour

And new landscape will be witless:

“Where is the henge?”

“Where the mill?”

Roads will be sundered,

Valleys filled with split rocks and earth

As the very hills seek to fill up the cave – ears.

Nothing will be as it was;

Points will have been made,

The unworthy reduced to gibbering wrecks

(Aren’t we all, anyway,

Just the fifty shades of clay?)

Those that stand staunch, resolute,

Through what is approaching, as if

From the deranged cells of

Twisted-by-jealousy Heracles’ mind

Will deserve their places

On the pantheon.

The Obvious Fact

On this

Eve-of Aurora night

It can easily appear that

Every life is a cloudy draw.

If you can’t sit,

Can’t ride, the melancholy

And the expectations, then

The storm and the roads

Gonna see you off.

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The Two-Way Door

“Why must you always let the shiver-dark in?”

She asks, this breathless,

Green-eyed glimmer princess.

“You don’t have to open

The two way door every time the

Night-wolf within you stirs.

Look away from the sinister glass;

Close your ears to the

Blacksnake whispers,

Tarry no longer in the malicious 

Shadows of Envy Forest.”

She’ s right, she’s right

I accept the fact, but

Raven-feather thunder is

Marching closer, testing my feeble resolve.

And, though my romance fairy is far away

I’m hoping she feels me resisting;

Will dance words with me again

When storm and doubt have passed.



Storm ?

Anybody else here think

There’s got to be thunder?

Anyone else here think

We need a storm:

When sledgehammer lightning

Goes down, goes down hard,

Again and again until

Tense skies groan and ring;

Until the concrete wheel bleeds

And the stone blind lady sees?

Anybody else here ready to

Take up the call ?

“Being ignored is not the same

As not needing to be heard:

Justice ain’t being served here!”




When he Looks Back

He notices that there is absolutely no wind. Like something is going to happen; like the world is holding its breath. The spider that had been spinning a late web in the top right corner of the downstairs window was stock still, so were the fibres of the web.
The garden is lit by dark light, if such a thing is possible: surreal. The sky immediately above the house is packed with cloud. A single grey mother-ship of malice. It feeds upon itself. Grey consuming grey, the colour and texture, he imagines of Miss Faversham’s wedding dress. And cake… there was a cake wasn’t there?
The twisted insides of a snake’s belly, writhing and seething.
Below, he feels both hot and cold – at the same time. The short hairs on the back of his neck begin to curl and raise: defence, bluff and flight instincts scream behind his conscious thought. The wind vanished suddenly, before he noticed its absence the orange autumn berries on the ornamental tree that had been raided by thrushes during the morning are now bright statues, too make-up bright against the battleship grey skies and tension building, building, building.
On other days, usually later in the year than this there is thunder, great sobbing storms that stamp, parade and shout heaven’s glory at the small mortal world, but they are moved on by winds and the landscape is refreshed. Not today.
The deep-belly rumbles of static roll through the pillars of cloud, the big classic anvil shape suspended above his house. They are long and sustained, felt in the gut as well as heard in the ears. Seriously low. There is no sign of lightning. It must be contained in the cloud, leaping from one improperly charged centre to another, ricocheting like a poorly aimed rifle volley in a rocky valley.
More and more. Directly overhead. No release of rain. Just thunder bringing a sense of queasiness and electricity. The smell of burned paper. Feral folk memory, rising unbidden.
Then, at last … the savage flicker of rapid lightning, the path of a spark burned on the eyeball. One. Two. But still no wind. The sun, pale coward is close to the horizon and impossibly beams light up the first huge balls of rain. Immense drops.
And they fall directly, simply vertically. Becoming stair rods that smash and bounce back upwards – exactly the way they came. They bounce high too, from the roof of his small blue car. The sound slamming against and through the double glazing. The roof of the car shines like a beacon.
Puddles grow quickly, join together, wood chips forced from the garden dance and spin, surrounded and impelled by the ripples of the rapid fire rain.
When he looks back, the spider has gone. He is not sure whether it has been washed out or taken refuge.