Temporarily Suspended


Just me, temporarily suspended

From family,

From friends.

Just me,

A one-eyed, limping razor billed gull

And a long-limbed chestnut foal

Watch the purple and silver sun

Rise like eastern-dream blossom

From ripple-free water.

None of us could see the stars –

They are extinguished by this

New god-candle –

But, between our heartbeats,

We could still hear

Their whispered prayers.



Rough Wind

Clean wind, this morning

Straightens the banners,

Spreads the colours.


Rough wind, this morning:

A new kid in the

Wide playground sky,

Not sure of his own power,

His own place,

Testing the order, the establishments.

Clouds lean away,

Sensing difference, challenge,

Lose shape, cohesion;




Orange-balloon sun,

Teacher on duty, watches

From horizon distance –

Much closer than her charges –

Recognises untamed energy,

Welcomes the new spirit;

Observing all with a

Knowing smile.