Thunderhead Junction!

Starting in a low-down,

Ripped off, postage stamp-perforated

Corner of the evening sky,

Little solar spark becomes cloud-forest fire;

Conflagration spreading higher, faster than

A well-shod, hard-spurred thoroughbred can run.

Magnificent, towering malachite-light,

Bruised -petal bloom clouds

Leaking fierce-crackle

Gorgon-head electric snakes

That whip and punish wind-carded oaks

That cower like galley-rower slaves.

In keeping with Greek tragedy

Sun-flare mother that conceived this bastard

Is dramatically murdered,

Face forced behind grey barrier,

Below suffocating horizon.

Chains of thunder dirge low skies and

Tears of bullet-bodied, bronzed rain

Saturate the roads that

Once joined heaven and earth

While we stagger and bawl helplessly

Beneath the ash and orange ember aftermath.


Storm ?

Anybody else here think

There’s got to be thunder?

Anyone else here think

We need a storm:

When sledgehammer lightning

Goes down, goes down hard,

Again and again until

Tense skies groan and ring;

Until the concrete wheel bleeds

And the stone blind lady sees?

Anybody else here ready to

Take up the call ?

“Being ignored is not the same

As not needing to be heard:

Justice ain’t being served here!”