To Be Back

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… and, Heaven knows,

There may be tracks

(if you were foolish ’nuff to seek ’em).

Tracks that lead –

‘Less I was too brutal busy

To leave ’em –

Between the then-and-there,

When I was head-down

‘n’ workin’ hard;

So Satan-busy

I stopped thinkin’,

Stopped givin’ …

There and the here-and-now

With all those fools-days gone

And clean spring leakin’

Into my life again.

… an’, though my nerves are anxious-raw

It feels so good to be back again.





The Ticking of Other Clocks


What ghosts will sit

These patient seats,

Drift along aisles, up stairways,

Gasp and wave,

Believe and tremble

When these crowds –

Distracted by the

Ticking of other clocks – Move on?

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Time …

Thunder quietly stirs in

The dark music distances

At the end of the silver day tracks:

The one armed smith and

The eight-legged stormbringer.

A different crew walks the morning desert

Between directions, must be

Getting closer to the time

To visit the city I fear,

To use the words we never said.