The Sea Too?

My earliest on-line publishing was on a different site (*

This is a lightly edited piece that first saw the light of the blogiverse there and was inspired initially be

a piece by “Juli Sabado”.

*my work is still there, in fact, but under a different pseudonym “Paul Rudge”

What are we looking at when

We are looking at the sea …

Hypnotised by the sea?

Do we look at a

Fluid mirror of our souls

Without realising this truth?

The depths, the shifts,

The emotions, the storms

And the turning tides? Continue reading

…and we danced

Slowly at first, then with

Absolute joyous abandon,

We slid off our shoes;

Hurled them, but gently,

Onto the sparkling slope.

Watched the rain fill them,

Inhabit them, change them.

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