I May Be Crazy …

I may be crazy,

Perhaps you can tell;

I have left adoring doe eyes

And burning stages

Behind me.


I may be crazy,

Perhaps you know;

Trying to marry the barley winds

And match horizon’s pace.


I may be crazy,

Perhaps you can see;

Hoping to sugar my tea

And change the world

Before bed-time.


I may be crazy;

I’m sure it’s true:

But I just want to

Believe in unicorns and 

Have to ask:

Why don’t you?

Perhaps he Knows

Free at last from your sanity routines,

On mornings when ankle deep slow-flow tendrils

Of mist ebb and trace the shadow-and-not spaces

Between ghost-of-winter honey bark beeches,

(Making lies of histories and your blind surges of truth)

I swear that I have seen

The dark shield-and-faith lord step out

On caparison’d, prancing dapple stallion

To meet dawn’s damson-moon light;

Though only sheep and bitter ‘daws

Now populate the ruined traces of his castle keep

And dragons be lost, with unicorns, in time’s jealous chains.

Perhaps he knows this, perhaps not;

But still he rides out for his people –

As he always did!