… the Plan

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Here’s the plan:

Light the fire,

Lie under gravity’s

Perfect blanket

On grass

Lit grey by

Half moon;

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Waiting for the World

Waiting for the bell –
The inevitable bell –
To ring.
Not the bell that starts the
“Seconds out!” action,
The bell
To tell me
I can’t make money.

Waiting for the call
To come,
The call that means
I am not wanted.
Waiting for the message,
The subtle-strong words
Being formed
That start, surely-softly,
To strangle my
Innocent soul.

Waiting for the day to dawn,
The day when I am worth
Less than half of nothing…

Waiting for the world
To wake;
The world that,
Simply, cannot
See me.



Waiting for love,

For love and coffee;

Lively backbeat,

While I’m training

And paying for

The songs I forgot,

Cushions and the sun.

Even on the rainy days,

When I couldn’t see

The strings,

Purple and night-black:

Waiting for love,

For love and coffee –

One more time –

Lively backbeat …