There’s The Future?


There’s the future:

Take a good long look.

It’s right there before you

Suspended in green, safe ice

While you’re running away,

Tumbling across

Borders of flags,

Trading words for waves,

Three squares

And the promise of fair winds.

A gun is always a gun

But a song can be more powerful.

All You Get Back …

Comes a time

When the trees, like the clouds,

The waves, the mountains

No longer answer your questions.

leastwise if they do –

You cannot hear,

Or make sense, of them.

Doesn’t mean you have to

Stop asking,

Or give up all faith.

But, surely, when all

You get back is silence

You need to realise

It’s time to start to

Work it out for yourself.

All The Colours


One pretty evening’s

Never-to-be-repeated shore.

Autumn-beginning’s sunset

Casts her bronze folded nets of waves

Against the welcoming pebble shelves.

They break into scattering strings

Of brief-life jewels as

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Jonah ?

Are you truly suggesting

That my god was

Swallowed by a monster

Sent by god, as punishment

(That’s my god – again),

That became enlightenment

That my god had

Already planned –

Before he set sail ?


That the thunder

Above the waves is

As loud, as dangerous

As that below them ?


I need some serious time

To think on this.