Lies the Mirror Tells

She sets the scene
Nay perfectly;
Making flowers, sunset balloons
Dragons and rainbow tides –
With perfumed smoke,
With belladonna charms
And big-word dances.

I’m smiling, wryly.
She’s looking at me,
Intrigued, wondering why.

The difference, my
Soon-to-be-robot darling,
My once and future pirate chief,
Is that I was there –
A well-mannered mushroom,
Happy in the shadows-
When what you now mock
Was the new black,
Was all the black indeed
We would ever need,
The emperor’s new wardrobe.

I knew the seeping reality,
Denied by the obsequious ravens,
by the powerful ones
Who made the rules
(Mayhap the same ones
Pulling your pretty strings
Now my dear).

But history has always
Been a tart,
Always chasing the money.