I’m so tired,

Work’ll do that

To a body, a mind;

Perhaps my thinking’s

Not so straight

But this?

This is too brief,

Has been nowhere

Near enough.

Too short,

Too black and white,


No sweetness.


Of life,

Of space

Of tomorrows …

And this was

All it deserved?

This passing,

This new burden-old,

This one-more-time grief:

Intrusion, parasite opinion?

This savagery?

I’m so tired.


“Home,” sighed the captain;
One quiet word, on
The edge of the outbreath:
“Home,” a wish-whisper prayer.
And, fatigued, we cut
Ourselves free of the
Toil, toil nets,
The hook, hook ropes;
Turned our backs on
Long-wave whale roads,
Aurora sewn skies;
Opposed the route the
Miserable creature
(Monster-to-some) took.
We are done – again –
With the north.
“Home,” the captain sighed.


Photo source:


Tides and Pebbles.

Double-moon insanity,

Diamond-double intensity:

The reflection and the shadow.

He’s working hard on something,

Feeling the constantly rising

Steam-stream pressure –

Any one can see –

But nobody understands, so

We find it hard

To follow,

To get excited,

To join in.


A hundred and forty makes

Our noses, our ears bleed;

Frustration is free,

So who-are-you free.

We write letters that

Will never be sent,

Drink each other’s tears.

Silver tape and fireworks

Hold us together,

Push us onto the beach:

Love, love and anger

And the tides and pebbles

Of unconditional reconciliation.

29th June, 2012